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Art Gym: Creating with icons

Icons Workshop with Adam Ming

The importance of creating with icons.

All of us are at different stages of our creative journey.

We want to share a transformative approach that revolutionized not just our artwork but the way we perceive the illustrative process: thinking in icons.

My Revelation

Before embracing icons, my illustrations were a maze of overdrawn images, complex yet unclear.

It was a struggle to communicate the essence of my vision. I learned in an Art Class that thinking in icons was a way of simplifying complexities and sharpening my message. It was like finding a new language.

I now know how to deliver ideas, not just fill a page with images.

Adam Ming

My new process

Icons have helped me hone my illustration process.

Icons can be thought of as stage props, as a way to play and fill a page, as objects full of personality, and even as a type of collage!

It’s freeing and playful to use icons, but most importantly… icons are effective.

Katie Stack

Why Icons Matter

  1. Storytelling Enhanced: Icons are the building blocks…

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Art Gym is hosted by Adam Ming and Katie Stack. It is a monthly live workshop to practice, learn, and discover new ways to illustrate. So, mark your calendars for a session of creativity, learning, and community building.
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