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Art Gym: Poses Workshop

A technique for drawing quick + creative poses

Art Gym: Poses Workshop

Art Gym: Poses Workshop is an opportunity to practice, learn, and discover new ways of drawing poses quickly and effectively. Join us live for a session of creativity, learning, and community building. Think of it like a group gym workout!

This month we focused on poses, because drawing poses is one of the most important parts of illustrating a kids book. Check out the range of poses Adam drew in this character sheet:

Fabulous poses by Adam Ming!

Six reasons why drawing poses is important for kids books

Drawing poses is one of the most important skills for illustrating kids books! Poses show how the character moves across the page and throughout the story. They can exaggerate big emotions or convey quiet moments. They can make us laugh, feel the action, and empathize with the character. Poses are a powerful skill to have in your toolkit as an illustrator. Adam and I think these are the six most important reasons why poses are important:

  1. Storytelling: Understanding poses helps us to communicate emotions and actions that young readers can immediately understand.

  2. Believability: Learning how to draw various poses helps us to create characters that move and interact in realistic and convincing ways.

  3. Observation Skills: Focusing on poses can help us build observational skills as artists, helping us to notice subtle details in how people express themselves through body language.

  4. Versatility: Drawing different poses allows us to illustrate a wide range of subjects, from dynamic action scenes to quiet, emotional moments.

  5. Anatomy: Understanding poses and how the body moves can improve storytelling when drawing human, animal, and object characters.

  6. Setting the scene: Engaging and believable poses make the character feel real and relatable, so they can exist within various settings and interact with other characters in the story.

Want to practice poses?

You’ll practice a strategy that can boost creativity and speed up your process when drawing poses. We even made a worksheet for this specific technique, so you’ll get some extra practice during Art Gym! Here it is, so be sure to print out a few copies before the workshop.

Here’s print out for you to use during the Poses Workshop. Adam and I can’t wait to show you this strategy for drawing poses.

Sign up for Art Gym!

Art Gym is a drawing session, for all abilities. There will be some instruction at the beginning as we demo the strategy. Then we’ll all be drawing together. You’ll be watching Adam and I draw the assignment as you draw along, too.

We’ll also be coaching you as you go by calling out different things to think about while making your drawing. Adam and I learn so much from each other as well as from all of you, so we can’t wait to draw with you.

Join Art Gym, where we grow our creative muscles together!

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PS - When Adam and I started thinking about Art Gym at the start of the year, we decided to do 6 workshops, and see how it goes. And it’s going well! Each workshop feels like it’s better than the last. It fun for us, and our fellow Gym mates tell us they are loving it too.

So we’ve decided to make Art Gym it’s own Substack and keep going June!

If you’re an annual subscriber of my newsletter or Adam’s, before the 1st of July. You will automatically get the next 6 months of ART GYM (6 Workshops) for FREE + the 6 workshops that are in the archive! Use the button above to subscribe and get the workshops!

To sign up and check your local time for the upcoming Poses Workshop, use the button below:

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Art Gym is hosted by Adam Ming and Katie Stack. It is a monthly live workshop to practice, learn, and discover new ways to illustrate. So, mark your calendars for a session of creativity, learning, and community building.