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Art Gym: Animals Workshop 🐻

Two techniques for drawing animals in children's books
Cover Image for Art Gym: Drawing Animals With Katie Stack & Adam Ming

Last Month Adam Ming and I did a workshop on drawing icons.

We talked about why drawing icons are a fundamental part of illustrating! And showed you how to make your own Icons from scratch. Paid Subscribers can watch the recording of that video here.

Picture book illustrators make a lot of their living by drawing animals. If you wanted to illustrate books for kids, drawing animals is a must. Which is why we are making animals the star of the show in our second installment of Art Gym!

Why Drawing Animals is Valuable?

  1. Relatability : Animals are relatable and their characteristics are familiar to a young audience.

  2. Characters: Animals make great characters, just add a hat, a tie or a red T-Shirt, and you now have a Pooh Bear.

  3. Market Demand & Flexible Skill Animals are in high demand for both fiction and non-fiction books. And even beyond books, you will see animals spring up in all manner of art. From Tea Towels and Wallpaper to Children’s Clothes and greeting cards.

  4. It’s a Great Party Trick for Kids!

In the workshop Adam and I will each show you our own methods for interpreting real animals as characters and designs. And they’ll even try each other’s methods.

Join Us at Art Gym

We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming Drawing Workshop, where we'll dive into the world of Drawing Animals Together.

It's an opportunity to practice, learn, and discover new ways to illustrate animals. So, mark your calendars for a session of creativity, learning, and community building.

This workshop is available to paid subscribers of Katie Stack or Adam Ming

It’s a drawing session, for all abilities.

There will be some instruction at the beginning. And then we’ll be drawing together. You’ll be watching Katie and I demo the assignment as you draw along.

We’ll also be coaching you as you go by calling out different things to think about while making your drawing.

Think of it as a group workout at an art gym!

Paid subscribers can join upcoming live sessions, watch the recordings, and read this post about Steps for Drawing Animals.

Get an annual subscription for $50 to get all 6 drawing workshops and all the things in the Library!

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Art Gym Workshops
Art Gym is hosted by Adam Ming and Katie Stack. It is a monthly live workshop to practice, learn, and discover new ways to illustrate. So, mark your calendars for a session of creativity, learning, and community building.